Artist Statement

Through my work I am exploring a flawed human perception of permanence in relation to the natural world. My intent is to focus on creating subjects that are seemingly present from certain perspectives, but are merely shells of something that once existed. Reflections, that appear and vanish when viewed from slightly different angles, create ghost-like transfigurations on the angular facades of the work, alluding to our fleeting and delicate landscape.


My goal is for the viewer to feel as though they are looking at something fossilized or from another time, while addressing environmental topics such as deforestation, overpopulation and waste. For me, trees have been one of the most effective protagonists in stimulating these issues, elegantly delivering a message of strength, endurance and hope.


Living through generation after generation of human life, trees become symbols of infinite wisdom, but they too are ephemeral beings in a much larger, more complex structure that has no set date of expiration, and is by no means permanent.