Artist Statement

I live a life inspired by the subconscious. My dreams have been a gateway to experiencing the strongest loves, the most petrifying fears, and a clarity that does not exist in my waking life. Years before developing this body of work, I was awakened by a profound dream that shifted my consciousness and made me believe in a higher order of things. It was in it’s simplicity, that the true beauty of this dream lived:


I was floating in what felt like outer space. I was not in my earthly body, but existed only in spirit. But it was the form of this existence that impacted me. I saw every person I loved and had ever known I saw all of the places I had been, and they were all part of what felt like one greater spirit, that existed without form. Not as if we were being held together by something, but that we actually were the same being. Everyone was everything, and every place was every time. All thoughts, ideas, people, places, eras, were all one expanse of atmosphere. Everything was love. I experienced the most transcendent oneness I had ever felt.


Whether it was God, or a concept of what my spirituality could look like, didn’t matter as much to me as did the idea that this subconscious existence, lacking in form, figure, subject or name, was powerful enough to permanently transform the way I thought about spirituality. In this body of work I have focused on stripping  away any representational elements or forms. Peeling away layers of disguise and pretension. The practice of being so subtractive in this work is a way for me to reconnect with this dream and the simplicity of it’s concept. The marriage of solid colors with a sculpted, lustrous façade, transform these pieces into undulating mirrors, creating kaleidoscopic reflections of everything and everyone in it’s presence. As surroundings and even the viewer become a part of the work, it begins to exist as an example of harmony.